Call For Presentations (Case Reports)

Request for Scientific Case Reports and Presentations

We  would like to encourage you to submit a case report or presentation. 

Please e-mail as soon as possible to have a case report or presentation slot reserved.  Please also include the presentation title in your e-mail. 

The case report/presentation time allotment is 15 minutes, however, longer presentation times can be requested. 

There will be a 5 minute question period after each case report/presentation.

In order to have the program run as smoothly as possible, we would ask that all presenters forward us a copy of their PowerPoint presentation before April 30th. 

If you are having any problems forwarding this by e-mail please contact your I.T. person or George at 604-854-6600 and we can arrange for a secure file transfer. 

Please provide us with an abstract suitable for publication on the WestVet website or permission to use your original presentation.  

We look forward to seeing all of you in Abbotsford.  Thank you for your support.